The Beginning

Our company was founded on demanding expectations of creating only the highest quality products. We didn't stop there though. Not only did we want to create those great products but we wanted to do it responsibly. That means we use only the best, ethically sourced ingredients. We formulate our products for quality and satisfaction over profit. Finally we take the time and care to handcraft them, providing our teammates a great atmosphere with sustainable living wages in an environmentally conscious facility. It is our commitment to our product, our customers, our planet, and our community.

My Story (from the Founder)

It was not long ago that I first experienced the luxury of using a naturally handcrafted bar soap. I did not use bar soap previously as I never liked the way they left my skin. However, my friend began making soap and had me try some. It was so eye opening, I was shocked something that good existed and I didn't know about it. Soon after I began making my own soaps. I enjoyed the process of formulating and making such wonderful creations.

I made soap as a hobby, for relaxing therapeutic reasons and gave it away to friends and family. As you would expect, they experienced the same phenomenon that I did, many of them suggesting I sell it. I had no interest in doing so. As my passion grew and my imagination bloomed, I began to work on other creations like lip balm, lotion, and liquid soap. I was having so much fun and everyone was loving what I made. It was awesome! :)

That was the point in time when it hit me. Maybe I wouldn't sell just soap and maybe it would just be me, in my kitchen making small batches. What if I created a brand, a group of products that stood for something. What if I could bring my passion and excitement for all of these labors of love to everyone. I can do this, I will do this, and you will all love it!

So here we are, my company Agrestal Hygienics (Agrestal means to be grown from nature) and our first brand Opulent Blends. I hope you are compelled to try our products and fall in love with them just like so many others have done. I invite you to become our fans and give us the opportunity to serve you now and well into the future. Experience the luxury! Experience Pure Opulence!

Thank you for your time <3

Marc DeForest, Founder / Owner / Operator

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  • Jill Argall on

    I am a sales rep in Minneapolis. I have a showroom at the Minneapolis Gift Mart.
    I am wondering if you have a rep in this area? I would love to rep your products!!
    If you are in interested in have a conversation about opportunities, give me a call!!
    Thanks so much,

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