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Introducing: Market Mondays!

Can you believe Opulent Blends began nearly four years ago? We can’t thank our loyal fans enough for believing in our company and its products. You continue to be a constant factor in the growth of our business. As we continue to strive for success, we have come to the conclusion that it is pertinent for us to raise our retail prices. Though it was a tough decision, please note that we haven't increased our SRP since we launched Opulent Blends in the fall of 2015. Expenses, ingredients and packaging costs continue to rise, some 150% (for instance, our laundry soap containers have increased by almost $2 in the last year) and we just couldn't continue offering our products at their current prices.

Marc and I spent the last two weeks finalizing our current COG and increased our retail prices on June 1st.  Please note, some prices have not increased!  This is due to the fact that our ingredient and packaging costs have not inflated for those items. We have no desire to increase prices on products when it is not necessary.  Should they rise in the future, we will have to increase those as well, but we don't expect to have to restock on those items for the remainder of this calendar year.

Introducing: Market Mondays

We are sad to confirm that we will not be participating in many events this summer, if any at all.  All of our events are on hold at the moment.  My mom was involved in a terrible accident on Feb. 18th.  She has not been able to return home since being rushed to the hospital that afternoon.  Due to this, there is no way we can commit to being a seasonal vendor at the Farmers Market this year.  That was part of my mom’s "job" as she worked Tuesday through Saturdays during vending season for us.   

As a result of receiving numerous inquiries about our participation at the Farmers Market and other seasonal events, we have decided to start offering Market Mondays at the shop.  During the months of June, July and August, we will have the shop open EVERY MONDAY from 10AM - 4PM.  Anyone that drops in to shop with us during that time will receive 25% off their ENTIRE PURCHASE (may not be combined with other discounts).

WHEN: Mondays 10AM-4PM during the months of June through August.

WHERE: 10511 West H Ave, Kalamazoo                             

Cannot make it before 4PM?  Just email or message us...we might be able to accommodate. 

We hope many of you will take advantage of Market Mondays this season.  We LOVE meeting our fans! *We will be on vacation a few Mondays this summer, please be sure to check Facebook page for updates.  

Did you know?  Customers are always welcome to pick up their online orders to avoid shipping costs.  How it works: Place your order online, like usual.  Immediately email or message us stating that you would like to pick up your order.  We will do our best to schedule a date and time that works for both of us.  Once order is picked up, your method of payment will be refunded all shipping costs.

Again, THANK YOU for your suggestions and believing in us!

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  • Bess on

    Mom is top priority now and I pray she is recovering well! I too want the foaming soap back!! My favorite product next to the foot balm.

  • Beth on

    Hi – are you going to be bringing back the foaming lavender/spearmint hand soap? I think you mentioned maybe just selling refills? Love that soap!

  • Luci Pierpoint on

    I’m so sorry to hear that your mom is sick. I met her once at a market and she was so sweet. Prayers will be coming your way for your mom and your family.

  • Krista Moored on

    Heather and Marc- when would be a good time to stop and see your business? Mark and would like to check it out! Thanks- Krista

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I'm happy to use it as my face feels better after using it.

Works Great

Bought for my mother in law, she says she likes that it lite and does not weigh down her hair!

Foot balm

It is just the right consistency for me. Light smell. This is my second jar. Absorbs quickly into skin.

Great products & Customer Svc

I love your products!

Regrowth of Hair

I started to buy this shampoo for my mother in law after she had a stroke, and her hair was thinning badly. She is 70 years old. After using this shampoo for two months, she has growth all over her head. Also we found the other day she has eyebrows growing and eye lashes. We thought it was crazy but wonderful! Note she has not had eyebrows or eyelashes for many many years. Thank you for making her happy!