Make a Payment to Opulent Blends by Credit Card

Payment for catalog orders may be made by credit card via a secure online transaction.

Step 1 - Submit Payment

Click the "Make a Payment via PayPal" button below. On the PayPal site, you will enter your order sub-total and complete your purchase using a credit card or a PayPal account. You may choose to pay with a credit card as a guest, a PayPal account is not required.

Important Note: PayPal automatically adds tax to the order total. Please ensure you enter your order sub-total amount to avoid overpayment.


Step 2 - Update Order Form with Receipt Number

When payment is completed, a Receipt Number will be provided. Locate the customers’ order row on the order form and mark the “Credit Card” check-box. Next, write the provided Receipt Number in the column titled “Credit Card Receipt #”. This number will be displayed on your screen after payment is completed, as well as provided in a confirmation email.

When we receive the order form, this number will allow Opulent Blends to ensure proper payment credit.


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I really like this face care set
YES! The scrubber is what makes it, in my opinion. I LOVE that I don't need an extra tool/product to use this. The scrubber feels sooooo good, especially when I feel a little extra grimy/sweaty ;) - Heather
Love the way it cleans...
Another fabulous scent!
Love love love
Love it!