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*Use the code SAMPLES at checkout and pay $0 for the kit.
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Lavender Spearmint Shampoo

We use only the highest quality ingredients with naturally derived cleaners to gently remove build up & leave your hair soft & strong.

I literally CAN NOT stop talking about this stuff. I have a vitamin deficiency issue and my hair is always a trouble area. It just is not healthy like it used to be. I am ALWAYS looking for healthy options for myself and my family and after meeting someone that used this shampoo and conditioner and seeing how healthy her hair was we decided to give it a try. I ordered it, I tried it AND after JUST ONE USE I noticed an instant difference! IT'S AMAZING!

Lavender Spearmint Conditioner

Not all conditioners are made the same. In fact most are low quality, even some that claim to be professional salon grade. We cut no corners when creating our high quality, intense conditioner.

IT'S AMAZING! My hair feels cleaner than it ever has AND for the first time ever I do not need to use a leave in conditioner! The conditioner leaves my hair silky smooth and soft without feeling greasy or leaving residue. These products are truly amazing and I hope that if you find yourself on the fence about ordering that this review will really push you to just GET THEM, because you won't regret it! :)

Hand and Foot Balm

We lovingly call this a "Pedicure In A Jar"! Specially formulated to be thick yet penetrating to soften even the most dry thick skin on our hands & feet.

I would give this product 10 stars if I could. I get pedicures on a monthly basis but always seem to have really dry heels. I have tried other products on my heels with no luck and honestly did expect much from this product. Boy was I wrong!!! Only after one application, I could tell the biggest difference.

Lemongrass Hand Lotion

The perfect everyday luxury lotion. Essential oils leave a wonderful scent while the all natural oils, proteins, and vitamins nourish, moisturize and protect your hands from every pump. Specially formulated to quickly absorb leaving your hands soft and healthy with no greasy feel.

I love it so much, got my first one a week ago and I have already ordered more. I can feel the difference working with children I wash my hands I have soft hands...putting one in every bathroom!!!

Lavender Liquid Hand Soap

Using zero detergents we have created the softest, silkiest and effective liquid soap. With a rich and bubbly lather you will wash away the dirt & grime with a clean rinse leaving your hands feeling soft, fresh and hydrated.

I absolutely love this liquid soap! It is truly amazing. My hands are chronically dry--probably due to excessive washing. But, I don't remember the last time my hands felt so nice and I've barely needed to use any lotion!


*Use the code SAMPLES at checkout and pay $0 for the kit.
Pay only $6.95 for shipping. Coupon is limited to one use per customer.

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672 reviews
Like it

A little bit pricey but i do love this stuff. My hair is healthier for sure

Best shampoo and conditioner

My hair is very healthy using these. Love the smell
Thank you for great products

hair conditioner

This conditioner feels great and tamed my curls. I need a lesson on opening the pumps to products as I always have difficulty with this brand. Having the pump would make the product much easier to use.

Happy costumer

I absolutely love all the products.
I been using the citrus bar soap and the citrus butter cream over two years and all the liquid soap I tried are amazing.

revives my feet

I love to apply this product to my feet after a long day. awaken next day to soft skin and refreshed feet. Im a nurse so my feet are fatigued by bedtime. Product feels cooling and refreshing.