Refill Your Empty Bottles

One of the biggest dilemmas I deal with is being an eco-friendly company, yet using so much PLASTIC for product packaging, ugh.  It’s a genuine struggle.  Unfortunately, there’s no way around it, for us.  Plastic is significantly lighter and safer than glass (regarding shipping purposes) and much less expensive (regarding being able to offer our customers natural products at a reasonable price).

I’m hoping to have come up with a solution: a refill station to fill your empties.  Note, you can fill ANY empty container, it does NOT have to be an Opulent Blends original.  We have tested this idea at the last few Kalamazoo Farmers Markets we’ve participated in.  It’s been warmly welcomed by our fans who not only support recycling but LOVE THE LOW PRICES.  Did you know, a HUGE part of the price on our products is the packaging?  Why charge you for something you aren’t using? 

Unfortunately, this is only available locally, at our shop in Kalamazoo (we won’t be attending the Kalamazoo Farmers Market again until next year’s season).  Also, we will have very minimal options regarding scents.  Only one scent, per product, will be available at a time.   Be sure to reach out to us before visiting via email ( or messenger to confirm that we have what you are hoping for in stock.

Speaking of the shop, did you know we offer customer pick up?  We have several customers that prefer to pick up their orders to avoid shipping fees.  Bonus: less shipping means less waste as well.  We will gladly refund any shipping charges associated with your order.  All that we ask is that you contact us before placing your order or right after so we know to “hold” your purchase.  We are happy to hold your order for up to one week.

Shop Hours:
The shop is open for drop-ins on Wednesdays and Fridays from 10-1. 
Other times are available, by appointment only.  Why?  We are still a very small family business and are constantly running errands and making deliveries.  The shop isn’t located in the most convenient location and we would hate for you to waste your time and gas coming at a time when no one is there to help you.
Available Products (subject to change):
- LAVENDER Multi Surface Spray for only 25 cents per ounce.
- CITRUS Dish Soap for only 25 cents per ounce.
- AUTUMN Liquid Soap for only 40 cents per ounce.
- SHAMPOO for only 75 cents per ounce.
- NAKED/CITRUS bar soap available for 75 cents per ounce.
- LAUNDRY SOAP for only 12 cents per ounce.
Lastly, I am sure some of you are wondering, why not just make more bulk sized products?  SHIPPING, SHIPPING, SHIPPING…AND PACKAGING.  Our average shipment cost is $7 (remember, we only charge you a flat rate of $5.95).  Increasing our weights would make those costs even higher.  Also, bigger bottles and larger labels increases our packaging costs as well.  Due to these significant cost inflations, offering bulk products is not a sustainable option for our small family business at this time :(.

*Due to low interest after the farmer's market season, the bulk station has been moved to People's Food Co-op of Kalamazoo.  Please be sure to contact them before you go to confirm they have what you are hoping to restock, (269) 342-5686  Be aware that their prices will be higher as well, as they had to purchase them from us to offer them as an option to you.  We will have it back in stock at the shop early this summer.

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    I just made an order and you charged me for the free samples I’d like to discontinue this order please help

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